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A New Look For Phoenix Managed Networks Brings Back Old Memories

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Admittedly the new website for Phoenix Managed Networks is probably a bit overdue. Before launching our new site, someone asked when we'd last done a "refresh." The sad truth is: never. Since 2011. Might be the oldest content on the web.

Out With The Old

When we launched, most of us were from big payment companies that had gotten too big. We'd all been at startups at some point or another and wanted to get back to that mode of operation: singular focus on a big, hairy, audacious goal with as little red tape as possible. Every one of us was in the sales department just like every one of us weighed in on managing expenses.

When it finally came to putting together a website, one of our technical directors did what any start-up minded person would do - he asked his HTML-proficient friend to create a website in exchange for a little cash and a case of beer. Given that this friend still worked for our arch-rival at the time, we liked the poetic justice of the arrangement.

Our client base has since grown well beyond Trevor’s Rolodex, and our product offerings have gotten adequately complex over time, warranting some better information on the web.

In With The New

The new website gives some of our history, introduces our key staff, and describes the evolution of PhoeniXAccess, our secure global network handling mission-critical communications for some of the biggest payment acquirers and medical services providers in the business.

Our site also digs deeper into PhoeniXGate, our payment gateway platform. You’lll find details on license ownership and the rich feature set that makes PhoeniXGate a compelling option for ISOs and other payment-enablers looking to own their own technology stack. The bottom of each page has a button that makes it easy to engage our sales team.

It All Starts Here

So after a dozen years, we've changed our website! But we are not changing our startup mentality. We’ll continue to provide unrivaled service and value to our clients as well as flexible, customized solutions to our payment gateway subscribers.

Let us know what you think.

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