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Virtual Terminal (VT)

Embedded, branded, and indispensible

Browser-initated secure payments

The PhoeniXGate Branded Virtual Terminal is a web portal which allows Merchants to process and manage transactions from a web browser.


Each payment method assigned to a merchant – credit cards, ACH, gift and loyalty, etc. – may be used to process a transaction via the virtual terminal forms, and a variety of optional data items may be provided with the transaction including:


  • Level 2/3 data

  • Invoice/customer details including breakdown amounts, identifiers and contact information

  • Merchant-defined custom fields


In addition to processing transactions, Merchants can generate reports and manage transactions and batches via the portal. A unified transaction detail view enables processing refunds, voids/reversals and repeat sale transactions from the transaction reports, and a variety of filter criteria is available to explore the transaction data.


Using the same web portal, Merchants may also configure options for their accounts including managing user accounts and setting up optional features such as fraud filters, hosted payment pages, tokenized payment data and recurring billing profiles.


The web portal look and feel is brandable and customizable using a set of simple configuration options, so the logo, colors, layout, product name and contact details can be setup to match existing company branding.

Questions about using the PhoeniXGate Virtual Terminal? Contact us here!

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