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Coding Background


PhoeniXAccess is a set of access networks designed to meet the high demands of the point-of-service (POS) payment sector and other mission-critical transaction delivery applications where high call throughput, flexibility, and 100% reliability are essential.

PhoeniXAccess is fully PCI DSS certified. Our access networks provide the high-volume processing requirements of some of the world's largest payment processors efficiently and cost-effectively. 

To maintain diversity, we partner with multiple global dial and wireless networks which allow us extensive control over the routing of every call to and through our network. As a Responsible Organization (RespOrg) we have direct access to the North American call routing system database and can move traffic between carriers in near-real time. Through our wireless network provider portals, we can control the local routing of wireless data sessions worldwide.


Our access network has been in service since 2003.

Why PhoeniXAccess?

Phoenix Managed Network’s access network serves the point-of-service industry. This includes applications like: 

  • Credit and Debit card transactions

  • Electronic benefits transfer (EBT)

  • ATMs

  • Kiosks

  • Money transfers

  • Medical authorizations

  • Government licensing

  • Terminal management

  • Subscription management

PhoeniXAccess supports dial, SSL and IPSec encrypted access for wired and wireless terminals. 



  • Modem-based dial terminals from 300 baud to 56Kbps

  • Wireless devices using Phoenix or client-provided SIM

  • Per transaction SSL

  • IPSec Virtual Private Network Connections

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