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Merchant-Level Billing

Enabling opt-in premium functionality for merchants

The PhoenixGate Merchant Level Billing tool extends the Recurring Billing and Tokenization tools and is designed to allow ISOs and other gateway resellers generate billing reports for merchants within their gateway instance or reseller account, produce invoices for merchants from the billing data, and allow merchants to pay their invoice for gateway services via a house merchant account.


Price plans are at the core of the Merchant Level Billing tool, and they allow resellers to set buy and sell rates for gateway services and associated physical products such as devices and consumables. Rates within the plans may be one-time or recur monthly, and they may be fixed or calculated. For example:


Fixed one-time fees: Setup/boarding, equipment or supply purchase

Recurring fixed fees: Supply replenishment, base per-merchant fee

Recurring calculated fees: Per transaction fee


As part of the merchant setup and onboarding process a price plan is assigned, and a payment method is setup against which the merchant’s billing takes place. That payment method is used to charge the merchant for services monthly and operates under a special merchant account created within the reseller known as a house merchant account.

Questions about our Merchant Level Billing capabilities? Contact us here!

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