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Paying per transaction fees on

someone else's gateway? Why? 

You can own your own gateway

Phoenix believes the best way to differentiate your product offering and build the value of your business is to control - and own - as much technology as you can.

According to The Strawhecker Group, just under half of U.S. ISOs use three or more gateways to support their payments business. We get it, some gateways handle certain merchant applications better than others. But multiple gateways mean more work for your staff, more complexity in pricing, and more confusion in the sales cycle.

Wouldn't it be nice to get all of your merchants on to the same platform? Aside from streamlining operations, it would provide consistency across your product offering and increase your buying power through consolidating volume. With volume usually comes control. As a bigger customer on one of the available shared-use gateways, you'd think you would be able to carry a certain amount of clout. Enough to get your vendor to make the inevitable customizations and feature adds needed to keep pace with your competition and win merchant accounts. But it isn't that simple. Aside from pricing and service issues, the biggest complaints we hear from ISOs about other gateways is lack of flexibility. Most gateway providers don't - or can't - provide the quick responsiveness needed to meet your specific requirements. Their product roadmap may be impressive, but its theirs, not yours.

As a PhoeniXGate license holder, you own your own gateway. You own the roadmap. You own the development schedule, and can prioritize what you want - what you need - to grow your business. Owning a license is a financial commitment. But it adds immediate value to your business operations and balance sheet. You're an owner, not a renter. And it puts you in position to start boarding merchants on your technology platform on day one, using the integrations, certifications, and features Phoenix and some of your fellow license holders have built over the past decade.

PhoeniXGate owners have two license options, Object code or Source code. With an Object license, you have a full license to the entire gateway suite, and you will use Phoenix's team of developers to make any changes you need. With a Source license, you can hire your own development resources and give them access to the entire code library, allowing them to handle whatever changes you want. Many clients take a hybrid approach, using a combination of outside developers and Phoenix developers depending on the project at hand. Regardless of who executes your changes, you own those changes. Development effort and expense adds to the value of your owned investment.

Along with Development, DevOps and QA support, license holders also have the option to leverage Phoenix's technical expertise and services to secure, host, monitor and manage their gateway, 24 hours a day, from our Operations Center in Phoenix, Arizona. We don't charge transaction fees or merchant fees. We navigate the complexities of PCI compliance, cloud hosting, secure encrypted communications and uptime of your technology.

Most of our license holders leverage Phoenix's support capabilities under a managed services agreement once they have acquired a PhoeniXGate license. Some have taken management and support in-house after a few years of Phoenix support. Many have used the gateway technology they acquired from Phoenix Managed Networks as a foundation for successful FinTech market entrants into retail, medical, and bill presentment verticals. The technology assets many of our clients have developed using PhoeniXGate have contributed to phenomenal corporate growth, as evidenced by public equity offerings and private investments, and by acquisition by other companies, many of which remain Phoenix clients today.

Technology ownership adds control and value to your business. Let Phoenix Managed Networks show you how. Let's talk.

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