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Phoenix Managed Networks' senior team is made up of professionals who have held executive management positions with some of the world's most prestigious payment companies, including Transaction Network Services, PaylinX, Cybersource, VISA, EDS, ExaDigm, FrontStream Payments, Cogent Communications, and Raytheon.

Many of us have worked together at various points in our careers and enjoy collaborating at every level of our company. As seasoned veterans in the payments industry, we've combined our friendship with our experience building superior payment management platforms — and we run Phoenix Managed Networks with energy, attention to detail, and respect for the staff and clients who make it possible.

Our front-line staff is a close-knit team of network techs operating from our 24/7 Network Operations Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The network surveillance team is cross-trained and co-resident with our senior engineering staff. This enables us to work closely on every project so we're always on the same page.

Our software development team is U.S. based and serves as product experts and solution architects in addition to writing and testing our code. The development team consults directly with clients, working hand in hand on requirements, user experience, and building value into every instance of our gateway. We adhere to the best parts of Agile methodology, from story to daily standup. 

Our leadership team, staff members, and board of directors are all career veterans of our industry. Each one is dedicated to our goal at Phoenix: to provide unparalleled, cost-effective payment gateway and secure communications solutions to our clients. 

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Fernando Villate

Vice-President, Operations

Fernando Villate is responsible for the company’s Network and Gateway Operations and our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC) in Phoenix, Arizona. He is the ultimate owner of our service quality, and coordinates all moves, adds and changes to network elements and services worldwide.


Before taking over Operations, Fernando was Director of Engineering for Phoenix Managed Networks, transitioning from Hypercom on day one. Before PMN, Fernando was Senior Design Engineer and Network Architect at  HBNet, and a System Integration Engineer providing support for Hypercom clients around the globe.


Fernando has a Bachelor in Electromechanical Engineering from Fundacion Universitaria CIDCA in his native Colombia..

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Phoenix Managed Networks (PMN) was founded in 2009 as a joint venture between Jack McDonnell, the founder of Transaction Network Services, and Hypercom Corporation, a pioneer in payment technology and the developer of our payment-networking platform.

Our team of payment professionals created Phoenix with the goal of giving customers a range of streamlined, cost-effective payment gateway, management, and communication services that can be customized to their needs. Most of us have worked together before, at various stages of our careers in payments. Our watchword is "flexible," and we're passionate about our flexibility. It enables us to better serve our clients in all payment processing scenarios. In a business dominated by too many set-in-their-ways service providers, we're proudly dedicated to keeping things simple, flexible, affordable, and reliable for our customers.

In 2011, we acquired Hypercom's share of PMN. Since then, we've continued to expand our services internationally, providing payment gateway solutions, communications services, and managed security tools to businesses throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Our service began with a North American dial access network and quickly expanded to serve clients in the UK and Europe. Today's dial network receives and handles millions of transactions from points of service all over the globe each day, including credit, debit, ATM, subscription, licensing and medical device transactions.


As point of service communications options expanded, we added support for SSL, IP-Sec, and wireless transactions at scale.


With PhoenixPoint, we extended our management to a full range of devices at the point of service, allowing us to bridge legacy devices to utilize faster, more secure, and more reliable delivery across our advanced IP networks.

And as card-not-present (CNP) transactions became increasingly prevalent, we released PhoenixGate, a customizable payment gateway software stack. Explicitly designed for merchant service providers (MSPs), PhoenixGate is our flagship technology solution for MSPs looking to own a true omni-commerce platform.

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Do One Thing, and Do It Well

  • We never leverage or compromise our resources or networking infrastructure to suit markets with different business/tech requirements. We focus on our customers and their specific needs. We don't spread ourselves too thin.

  • We never compete with our payment processor or payment service provider clients. Instead, we provide them with the industry's best technologies to support their success in the market. We bring our customers trusted, secure, streamlined, cost-effective payment communications and gateway services. We want our name to matter to you, and yours to your merchants. Not the other way around.

  • We invest in our people and recruit dynamic people at every level. Once they join Phoenix Managed Networks, we provide our staff with the best training tools and the best, most up-to-date technology solutions available.

Reinvent The Wheel Only When You Must

Phoenix Managed Networks partners with only top-quality technology suppliers dedicated to enhancing and augmenting our service offerings.

Our PhoeniXAccess service platforms are collocated or hosted in the highest-grade, most secure facilities available. These facilities are designed to provide the best neutral interconnect, resilient power, cooling, and security operations on the market. Our PhoeniXGate platforms are diversely cloud-hosted by industry leaders such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). These partners provide the on-demand virtual server and elastic database capacity our clients require to meet sometimes exponentially growing throughput demands.

Our access network providers are the most respected in the industry, with a reputation for business stability and unparalleled network engineering and operations.

Our data backbone network partners give us the flexibility of high-capacity, burstable operations, plus the tools necessary to monitor and manage our connections quickly and effectively.

Quality, Security, and Diversity Are Not Commodity Businesses

Working with talented vendors allows Phoenix the freedom to focus on the essential components of secure networking. Clients consistently remark on improved performance, reliability, and security when moving to the Phoenix network, along with the accessibility and commitment of our technical experts.

While we are PCI-certified as a network provider, we go well beyond the standard, encrypting every transaction from receipt in our PCI-certified centers through final delivery to our client processing endpoints.

Reliable networking and payment gateway technology applications are not "we do that too" applications for one of many market segments. We serve merchant service providers; at Phoenix Managed Networks, it is our company's sole focus.

And with reliable networking, quality service, flexible tools, and knowledgeable support, we can help you take your business to the next level of success.

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