Data Security Simplified

The best way to secure your business, lower costs and reduce risk using a simple cloud-based management service and built-in firewall for end-to-end protection.


Affordable Network Protection No Upfront Costs. No Hidden Fees. Unlike other managed security services, with PhoeniXSentry you’re not wasting money on hardware that has to be upgraded every other year or on hidden fees. PhoeniXSentry is delivered as a subscription service. Your company will be protected with the same high level of network security and management that the world’s largest corporations and banks benefit from, but without the high cost and complexity. In fact, PhoeniXSentry costs less than a cup of premium coffee per day!

PCI Level 1 Certified Protection PhoeniXSentry is the world’s first PCI Level 1-Certified security service that doesn’t require a private network connection. Because of our certification, you as a subscriber automatically meet your PCI DSS compliance criteria. Furthermore, PhoeniXSentry can automatically answer the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) to attest that you’re continually meeting compliance requirements.

We Know Network Security Network security is our business. It’s what we do. What’s more, we’re backed by Phoenix Managed Networks; the company relied on by many of the largest blue-chip organizations in the world for their critical IT infrastructure.

How PhoeniXSentry Secures Your Business

Leveraging an award-winning security appliance that we supply, the device arrives on site already configured specifically for your Internet work flow and security demands. Once the unit goes live, all of your IT traffic is monitored and managed under strict rules and policies, ensuring your business remains secure and is meeting compliance mandates such as the PCI DSS, HIPAA and others. When combined with an optional third-party QSA Bundle, PhoeniXSentry can help you address more than 97 percent of all PCI DSS obligations.

What Makes Us Different

Most companies cannot afford the security resources to maintain vigilance 24/7/365. As a stop-gap measure, most will install a router, firewall or other security device, set it up once and leave it to do its job. The problem is the dynamic nature of networks and Internet traffic requires constant monitoring and maintenance. In addition, off-the-shelf devices are not by default secure nor do they meet regulatory compliance standards. To make them so requires expensive resources and again, constant vigilance. PhoeniXSentry was built from the ground up based on security best practices and PCI rules, so you benefit by having security and compliance out of the box!