Our Story

Phoenix Managed Networks was founded in 2009 as a joint venture between a seasoned group of payment veterans led by Jack McDonnell (the founder of Transaction Network Services), and Hypercom Corporation, one of the pioneers in payment technology (and the developer of our primary payment-networking platform).

We created Phoenix to give our industry old customers and new simple, easy to implement choice in a business dominated by some very large, set-in-their-ways service providers. We are aggressive in our flexibility  from engineering to pricing  because it allows us to better serve our clients, and frankly…..because it is a lot more fun.

We acquired Hypercom’s share of the joint venture in 2011, and have since expanded our services suite and footprint to provide access, gateway and managed security services to a wide variety of businesses in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Central to our service philosophy are some fundamental lessons learned along the way:

1. Do one thing, and do it well.

We are a privately-held company focused on providing unparalleled service quality over the long term, not on quarterly stock value.

We do not leverage our networking infrastructure or our client care resources to fit other markets with different business or technology requirements.

We do not compete with our clients as a processor or payment services provider.

We invest in our people, by exposing them to the best technology and training available.

Our leadership team and board of directors are career veterans of our industry, dedicated to establishing the most reliable, flexible and cost effective choice in our business.

2. Reinvent the wheel only when you must.

Phoenix partners with the highest quality technology suppliers available, using their focus to enhance our overall service offerings.

Our service platforms are collocated in professionally managed facilities, which provide the best in neutral interconnect, power, cooling and security control on the market.

Our access network providers are the most respected in the industry, with a reputation for business stability and unparalleled advanced feature network engineering and operations.

Our data backbone network partners give us the flexibility of high-capacity, burstable throughput and the tools necessary to monitor and manage our connections quickly and effectively.

3. Quality, security and diversity are not commodity businesses.

Working with talented vendors allows Phoenix the freedom to focus on the essential components of secure networking. Clients consistently remark on improved performance, reliability and security when moving to the Phoenix network, and the accessibility and commitment of our technical experts.

While we are PCI certified as a network provider, we go well beyond the standard, encrypting every transaction from receipt in our PCI certified center through final delivery to our client endpoints.

Reliable networking for POS providers and applications is not another “we do that too” application or market segment at Phoenix Managed Networks; it is our company’s sole focus.