PhoeniXSentry goes live in the UK with Underbelly

PhoeniXSentry goes live in the UK with Underbelly

Phoenix Managed Networks has deployed its payments security solution PhoeniXSentry in the UK for the first time with the live entertainment company Underbelly.

“PhoeniXSentry has allowed us to migrate to a faster IP system which guarantees security for ourselves and our customers. The fact that this goes beyond payments into other sections of the business, such as ticketing, is fantastic,” said Sarah Fleming, Underbelly operations manager.

“PhoeniXSentry goes one step further by providing on-site network security which makes it easy for merchants to work in a continually PCI compliant environment,” said Alan Stephenson-Brown, Phoenix director of Europe.

PhoeniXSentry provides points of contact with the acquiring bank and with Phoenix for security, transactions transport, a cloud managed service, and on-site network security.

PhoenixSentry gives flexibility, working over IP connection provided by Phoneix or any other company.

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