PhoeniXSentry and Underbelly team in UK

PhoeniXSentry and Underbelly team in UK

Phoenix Managed Networks’ (Phoenix) PhoeniXSentry has deployed its ground breaking payments security solution in the UK for the first time with Underbelly.

Underbelly, the leading live entertainment company, has now fully integrated PhoeniXSentry at its site on the London’s Southbank, and throughout the multi-year agreement will use the payments solution at the Edinburgh Fringe festival as well.

Alan Stephenson-Brown, Director of Europe for Phoenix, commented: “Following our strategic deal with Mako networks in February 2012 I am thrilled how PhoeniXSentry has been received in the UK. PhoeniXSentry is a complete, robust, PCI compliant data security system from the payment terminal to bank authorisation. It provides a versatile and fully secure retail network for payments and ticketing. Not only does it supply a secure transaction network but it also goes one step further by providing on-site network security which makes it easy for merchants to work in a continually PCI compliant environment.”

Previously Underbelly’s set-up was supplied by multiple vendors which staff had to manage. Now Underbelly has a point of contact with its acquiring bank and a point of contact with Phoenix for security, transactions transport and a cloud managed service (CMS). This is much simpler for Underbelly.

Alan Stephenson-Brown added: “PhoeniXSentry incorporates the industry’s first ever PCI firewall which makes it much easier for merchants like Underbelly to achieve compliance. By integrating PhoeniXSentry we have supplied Underbelly with a state-of-the-art, consolidated PCI compliant network that supports and protects the whole of the business.”

It starts at merchant locations, where the PhoeniXSentry firewall/router locks down payment networks to PCI DSS criteria and provides a primary connection to the internet. Each cloud-managed network appliance provides on-site network security, while the central managed system is used to configure and apply continuous compliance monitoring tools and safeguards.

Whilst Phoenix offers internet connectivity, PhoeniXSentry works over any IP connection regardless of the provider. Underbelly uses two IP connections, PhoeniXSentry protects both of them; one supplied by Phoenix and the other already in place at the South Bank. The flexibility and speed of the network and the lack of downtime has enabled Underbelly to increase the number of payment terminals to meet demand safely.

Sarah Fleming, Operations Manager at Underbelly, said: “Before moving to PhoeniXSentry, we had to speak to a number of different vendors to ensure we had a safe and secure network on a slow old fashioned dial-up solution. PhoeniXSentry has allowed us to migrate to a faster IP system which guarantees security for ourselves and our customers. The fact that this goes beyond payments into other sections of the business, such as ticketing, is fantastic. We are delighted PhoeniXSentry is able to support our unique company needs.”

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