Mason Infotech Signs a Partnership Agreement with Phoenix Managed Networks for PhoenixSentry

Mason Infotech Signs a Partnership Agreement with Phoenix Managed Networks for PhoenixSentry

Mason Infotech and Phoenix Managed Networks today announced their partnership with Phoenix to supply a cloud-based secure payments service to Mason Infotech.

Mason Infotech have been established for over ten years as a communications provider and have been actively involved in providing secure network services to the finance industry for the last four years. This new partnership extends their services to the card payments business and is scalable from a single terminal installation upwards.

Alan Stephenson-Brown, Phoenix’s UK Managing Director said: “The payment security market has recognised that our security service is the superior technology for protecting cardholder data at the merchant location. The solution solves many of the complicated technical and networking issues of PCI compliance, especially for smaller merchants who may have little or no IT experience. By offering cloud-based, secure solutions, Mason Infotech and its payment processing clients are at the forefront of the industry’s efforts to help merchants meet the security standards established by the PCI Council efficiently and effectively.”

Phoenix’s managed service has been developed to help merchants easily achieve and maintain compliance with PCI data security standards. It starts at merchant locations, where the Phoenix appliance locks down payment networks to PCI DSS criteria and provides a primary connection to the Internet. Each appliance provides on-site network security, while the central management system is used to configure and apply continuous compliance monitoring tools and safeguards.

Alan Stephenson-Brown added: “Data breaches and payment security problems are on the rise at smaller merchant locations, and they need to be tackled head on. Merchants need to realize that connecting payment systems to the Internet brings a new level of security risk. Mason Infotech can now offer a quick, plug and play payments security solution that provides a versatile and fully secure retail network environment so that merchants can take advantage of Internet economics without financial peril.”

Stephen Mason, Managing Director of Mason Infotech commented: “Having been involved in the industry for some time now, and been a victim of credit card fraud personally, I am delighted that we are able to offer merchants such a simple, cost effective solution to help meet PCI requirements. We are particularly impressed with the scalability and security of the solution, which will help the smaller retailer get the most from their internet access.”

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