International Merchant Solutions Selects Phoenix Managed Networks for PhoeniXSentry

International Merchant Solutions Selects Phoenix Managed Networks for PhoeniXSentry

International Merchant Solutions (IMS) has signed a multi-year deal with Phoenix Managed Networks for PhoeniXSentry.

IMS, a payment processing consultancy that tailors processing packages for companies’ specific needs, has incorporated PhoeniXSentry, Phoenix’s PCI compliant cloud based network management service and built in firewall router, into its existing suite of services. PhoeniXSentry will be made available to its 500+ clients that consist of ISO’s, financial institutions and merchants as a recommended PCI compliant, fully managed, transaction network solution.

Dan Budhoo, Director of Sales, North America for Phoenix Managed Networks, commented “Recent estimates show that Cybercrime costs the consumer $110 billion last year globally1 and a retailer’s network is a prime target because of the sensitive data they hold. PheoniXSentry has been developed to protect payments at multiple retail locations and to simplify network security. We are delighted to have signed this unique deal with IMS as they have excellent market standing and a client base that will benefit from extra data security from the point of sale. As a master reseller IMS services multiple clients within the payment cycle which will expose the unique value-added features of PhoeniXSentry to all the major stakeholders within the payments industry.”

PhoeniXSentry is a fully managed, end-to-end, cloud based payment transaction network which is fully PCI compliant. The solution incorporates a built in firewall which works on any internet connection and ensures that all on-site network traffic is totally secure. The solution requires no technical expertise on behalf of the user to install making it an affordable monthly fee making it an ideal service for small-to-medium sized enterprises (SME’s).

Budhoo added: “Achieving PCI compliance is becoming increasingly complicated for SME’s who don’t have the huge resources of expertise that larger organisations are privy to. As a result we are seeing data breaches amongst SME’s increase and PhoeniXSentry has been developed specifically to help vulnerable organisations achieve PCI compliance. This exciting partnership with IMS will enable more merchants to access the unique solutions that PhoeniXSentry has to offer.”

Gene Lieb, Manager of IMS, commented: “Working with Phoenix Managed Networks is extremely beneficial for our company and our clients for whom PCI compliance is an important issue. We continually look to partner with state of the art companies that can help agents increase income while providing superior services. This partnership is a perfect example.”